Fortnite 2-2-2020

Max & Dillon wanted to play creative. I don’t normally play creative but since we had done this particular creative in the past, you know I had to win.
It was a close one between Dillon & I, but when Max took Dillon out in the final round, I knew I had the victory.
I got a couple levels today & hit 440 while wearing a common outfit. It had been awhile since I wore a common skin so I figured, why not?
Dillon, Max, & I got a Solid Gold Squad win. I was taken out by a sneaky guy to my left while pressing the final squad hard. I did get some eliminations in this game but after I was taken out I was happy to see Max & Dillon close it out. They worked well together & they first got the sneaky guy before taking out the rest.

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