Fortnite 1-28-2020

Competition today was fierce. I had so many great games. This game I ended up getting 3rd despite the fact that my entire squad was eliminated & disconnected. I also played some games on my new account. In one game I went up against an advanced builder & forced him multiple times back to the ground. I probably should have won more games today!
This was actually one of my first matches of the day, perhaps even the first? I channeled my inner Don Draper or perhaps John Wick & refused to lose. It was a duo & I went up against several duos in a row & won despite the fact that the kid I was randomly placed with was eliminated in the middle of the match. I took out the final guy with a purple tactical shotgun after eating a slurp fish. I looted the tactical shotgun off of someone I eliminated. The rest had been eliminated with a P90. I used some rockets too.
I probably should have won more games on my new account, but I was working on challenges. At one point I heard a guy yelling at his girlfriend because she “wanted to cuddle” & he wanted to play Fortnite. It was so dramatic I muted him. It was already a hard squad because it started off a three man squad & then one of them disconnected so it was just me & the other guy. Then when it came down to the final fight, he hid & I was left alone to fight an entire squad. Since this account isn’t that high level, I didn’t hear a bunch of “Oh My God you’re level 431!” or anything like that. I did also get a squad with a guy who, maybe he wasn’t using aim bot, but he was definitely using some type of aim correction because after I was eliminated I watched him multiple times point his gun at places & then start shooting & it would adjust to hit the target, which, could have been him, if, the person wasn’t hiding in a bush in one case, & behind a wall in another!

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