Fortnite 1-27-2020

This game was hilarious because my random duo partner kept getting scared of the storm & then it came down to a fight between 8 people in a circle smaller than this. Once my partner did commit to the fight, he was eliminated & there was no way I could revive him. Fortunately I had Dillon to talk to in the other channel while I continued to fight my way into 4th place. I also gained a level along the way.
This was a team effort. This squad run was pretty awesome to say the least. So, we dropped on Retail Row & I was nearly ambushed from the start so I escaped as Yenter & my friend from Milwaukee were eliminated. As I escaped, MGD grabbed Yenter’s & Milwaukee’s reboot cards & then he too was eliminated. There were at least 7 people on him so there was no way I could save MGD. So I went to Misty & rebooted Yenter & Milwaukee just as the storm overtook us. We exited the storm & made our way to my Fortnite house, also known as the zombie drop. It worked out & in the end the three of us stood victorious.
This is another game where MGD sacrificed himself so that the rest of us could win. Milwaukee said it was all me & Yenter & that he was just watching, & there is some truth to that, but on the other hand, we would have never won without Milwaukee & MGD.
Another free llama. Tomorrow I get free V-Bucks!

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