Fortnite 1-19-2020

When you play entirely too much Fortnite.. & to think, I soloed most of this. I didn’t play a whole lot today, but I did get a couple wins, including a squad win & a duo win. I also had a lot of high placements, but then again, you can’t win them all.
People always ask me how I got so high level & I just tell them that I’m new to the game. They don’t usually believe that so I let them know that I only started playing in October of 2019 & I play how I thought the game should be played, which is why I’m often not doing what the majority of the rest of the players are doing. A player in an O.G. Skull Trooper outfit complimented me & added me to friends when I was in a pickup squad, so I must be doing something right.
Crayon & I ended up winning a squad game after the other two members of our squad were eliminated. I gave Crayon a golden heavy assault rifle as we neared what would be the final fight. After we took out a couple squads, the last guy hid really well & finally my trap got him. Crayon was firing rockets everywhere looking for the guy & we heard the guy a couple times but couldn’t find him, even when the circle was really small. He was sneaking around our builds avoiding us. Crayon had around 8 eliminations & I had at least 3, maybe 5? I didn’t really keep track because everyone I eliminated was right at the end. I also had some assists early on. That’s something I enjoy doing, giving my teammate a nice weapon when I already have a weapon I like to use.
This win was so satisfying because it wasn’t an easy win & we had a lot of eliminations, plus we were completing Crayon’s challenges at the same time, so it was kind of like a win-win.
After grouping with DIllon & Max some, & then Max for awhile, I decided to take a break. I returned later to check the item shop update, collect my Save the World daily rewards, & complete my daily challenge.
During a pickup squad, where I was the random, a couple of kids tried to troll me with voice changers & echoing, but I muted them right away & they were eliminated almost immediately. In fact, they were eliminated before I even landed. Then their friend, who was a little older, was really impressed with me & we started talking some. I told him I was just doing my daily & that my goal was to place top six. I got third even though I was solo versus multiple squads. I might have placed second if I had hid, or maybe even won if any of them had survived, but Mojo was eliminated before reaching me. Regardless, he sent me a friend request & ditched his friends. He invited me & I helped him with some challenges. While we were working on his challenges, I had at least five eliminations, as well as the final two eliminations. He was with me until the end when a pair of guys knocked him & then eliminated him & at that point I surprised them both with a couple point blank shotgun blasts, which resulted in the win you see above.

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