Fortnite 1-9-2020

I don’t always take this drop, but I do enjoy it.
I had to travel a bit in this match.
It’s a shame no one I knew very well was on because they could have got some wins with me.
Early this morning I ran into the most annoying glitch. My harpoon gun stopped working. Both times it did this it was after catching two slurp fish in a row. Then the only way to fix it would be to move the harpoon gun to the 6th slot, then the first slot, drop it, & pick it up. I also tried waiting until the “Cannot Do That Now” message vanished, but I still had to drop the harpoon gun first & it didn’t seem to go away unless I also moved it to the final slot first. It was such an odd glitch & very annoying.
I guess I got in some kind of Aura groove because I started winning games with her.
I didn’t get anywhere near my record of 22 wins in one day, but I did get some. It went much better than yesterday.
It’s always fun to get the final elimination. I did that twice this morning.
This match went by pretty quickly.
I was so busy this game with gathering materials & building, I didn’t even get an elimination. We still won.
There are finally some new challenges in the game. Again my entire pickup squad was eliminated. I placed 3rd.
I started working on challenges right when I logged in. Again my pickup squad gets eliminated. I placed 2nd.
Sometimes it is fun to look at the match stats.
I ran a few squads with Max & Dillon when they logged on.
After Max & Dillon left I decided to get some wins with Crystal.
Crystal is such a great skin, one of my favorites.
This was the last win of the day.

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