Fortnite 1-5-2020

I was knocked twice in this game. Dillon got the final elimination. The video of the entire match is below.
For some reason the transfer of this file to Youtube lowered the video quality. If you want to watch it in a slightly better resolution, visit my Twitch page.
Earlier in the day I was grouped with Dillon but then he left for the mall with his family. Max logged on & we started doing Arena Duos.
I was running around with Aura.
Max & I played Arena Duos & won! We used a lot of strategy in this game. The bandage bazooka & the fish I caught were a major factor. Also I took us up the east coast this time instead of going through the middle of the map. We took on multiple duos & came up victorious.
It’s hard out here for a fish. I picked up this trigger fish skin & of course had to go get a win with it.

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