Fortnite 1-4-2020

This is a fun emote. I’ll post a video later.
So, yesterday, on the 3rd, the server issues only seemed to be worse. I thought the break I took on the 2nd would give them enough time to sort things out. It didn’t, but I played through the issues on the 3rd, mostly because I got new skins & wanted to play. But today, it was even worse. At this point I started to complain directly to Fortnite & Epic Games. Within hours it seemed as if they fixed the issue. Even so, this is a screenshot from a game where Crayon & I couldn’t do anything at all. I finally got into the game but the server was responding so poorly that I couldn’t loot a chest nor wield a weapon. Eventually the server caught up & I died instantly to the storm since it suddenly dotted me for all the damage it had neglected to give me up to this point. I was able to get this information to Epic Games & as I was saying, everything appears to be sorted out now.
Since the servers were acting up, I went & broke open some llamas in Save the World. This llama is only available for a limited time.
I’m not sure how often these show up but this is only my second gold llama.
This is the final Crackshot skin variant. He has an X for an eye-patch.
This is the snow globe mining tool.
Dillon is back from vacation & we’ve been grouping some.
I was happy to get this win with Dolph. He’s a lot cooler than I anticipated.
I recently started to wear a back bling with Aura. I’ll post it next win with her.
I won this squad as the last man standing. So this squad was Dillon, Max, a random pickup member, & myself. Dillon went down first, followed by Max. I rescued & brought the random guy back from a knock & he went on to essentially sacrifice himself fighting the next to last two guys. It basically came down to me versus three, although they were hit pretty hard from all the fighting. I dropped the first two, one with my saber, the other with a shotgun. The final guy came at me hard & it was a big fight & I had shot him a couple times when he tried to go over the top & shoot me with his pistol. I hit him with Mace’s lightsaber for the win. What kept me alive? Fish. I ate three fish while fighting this last guy & I am sure that’s why he felt confident with his pistol & I honestly think he was out of the rest of his ammo trying to hit me & from shooting my builds.
I gave this guy some fish which led us to the win. I knocked two guys at the end & they got the final elimination. This guy was a pickup member & at one point he was at 3 hp. I gave him the fish because he was low & Max realized it too. I gave him floppers & slurp fish which I fished along the way. He was a great shot & I actually suspect he is using some kind of aiming software (aimbot) but since he was random & I don’t normally group with him, I’m not that worried about it. Even so, it would have been good if Max made it until the end but he provided some good coaching along the way.

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