Fortnite New Year’s Day – Part 2

So I decided to buy Fortnite’s Save the World PVE expansion. It was discounted, 50% off, but I’m not sure I like it very much. I got a little mad at it because it stopped working at one point during the second mission. I couldn’t move or do anything, it just got stuck on a menu. I restarted & after that it seemed to work fine.
This is what happened. I switched to my rocket launcher, opened a menu, & then I couldn’t back out from here, it was just stuck, so I had to restart the application. Also, the skins that you get with it aren’t great & unless you get lucky & pull something early, the heroes you start with are pretty much trash too. The only benefit is that you can earn V-Bucks, but then it takes time & you have to log in every day & play.
Some of the things the llamas say before you bash them are kind of funny.
The phrases & the items you use to break them open are fairly random & humerous.
I just thought I’d share some of the different llamas.
There seems to be quite a few.
This llama specifically is limited to the holiday season.

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