Fortnite New Year’s Day – Part 1

I decided John Wick was the best choice for this. We played a total of four Team Rumbles. I was only eliminated once in four games. Honestly my goal was not to get eliminated at all.
We started off the year with a big Team Rumble. I don’t like a few of the players who joined. I was invited before those players joined anyway & it was Jay’s rumble so of course I played. I was welcomed by many of the players there because they know me. Also, I did my best to help Jay with his computer. It seemed to work. He’s upgrading tomorrow. Mainly, there were three guys who joined who like to start trouble with people but I had already blocked & muted them. They can still play & even assist me in combat, but they can’t say anything directly to me.
I don’t want to name any names, but certain people make it difficult for us to win as they get eliminated entirely too much. Even when they brag about eliminating other players, you can’t lose if you don’t get eliminated.
We just happened to be on the bus when New Years hit on the West Coast. As I type this, Hawaii just celebrated the new year.

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