Happy New Year Fortnite

In this game, there are few things more intimidating than John Wick with a lightsaber.
I can’t really complain about all the wins I get with Crystal. One squad I ended up second place only to have one of our members criticize me as if I wasn’t pulling my own weight. Everyone else was eliminated & I got us second. He can’t really complain about that, but somehow, he found a way.
This was one of the greatest wins Max & I ever had in a squad. At the end I had a double elimination. We started a squad with a couple guys I knew & those two were eliminated. Max & I kept going & kept fighting & we were able to get away from another squad & get into a house. I pulled every trick I could think of. We even hid in some snowmen on the second floor for what seemed like forever. I had to tell Max the plan, we weren’t going to move & we just listened while the other squads fought. There were probably three squads left at the point Max & I escaped when our other two squad members got eliminated. We hid well in those snowmen & then Max thought we should move when the next circle formed & I agreed. We got lucky too as the storm closed in on our location. I saw the final three players building high. They all had gold guns, which I discovered later. I hit their building with my remaining explosives & we went to the back left of the house where they spotted us. I built some & with no time to explain, I left Max there. I doubled back around the right side of the house & hit one of them from below. He was already in the white, meaning he had no shields left. This mad him withdrawal into his building & I continued to shoot my gold AR which I fished out of the river. I kept throwing walls up in front of me while Max laid down cover fire. With the one guy hiding & the other two trying to down Max, I managed to get below their building & shoot out the floor. One dropped down & I knocked him, a second guy dropped down & I knocked him too, using my shotgun on both of them. As the third guy dropped, he realized it wasn’t Max shooting & knocked me. His mistake because at that point Max took him out & we got the win. This automatically restored my health & I stood up, for the win.
This is what it looks like during New Years in Fortnite.

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