Fortnite 12-29-2019

I won 22 games today. I didn’t play a lot yesterday because I went to bed early. I was tired after gaming so much. However, winning 22 games in a day is a new record for me.
I was stoked to hit level 350.
I got this win with a few trap kills. For some reason people were really hating my clown skin so I changed it after this game.
This suppressed rifle is such a great gun.
They put Crystal back in the item shop so that’s even more reason to play Aura, aka, my Ratchet Bitch.
I also got a win today with the Yule Trooper.
When John Wick wins, people don’t really seem that surprised. I hit someone with a lump of coal in this game.
Fish Wick wins again! I had a lot of fun playing this character & I am glad I purchased it.
It’s fun playing this character too. Aura is difficult to hit & has an interesting costume.
I literally won this game without ever leaving the storm. Yeah, sometimes I even amaze myself.
I hope they get another guitar rift in the item shop again soon.
The John Wick wins just sort of racked up again.
I didn’t really think about it but I tend to get really focused when I play John Wick. I say things such as, “I’m John Wick.”
I did experience some lag today, or really, a lot of latency. But I ordered a new Ethernet cable as well & I expect to run slightly better once I get that installed. I tried to win a few games with the E.L.F. but this is the only one I actually won.
These rumbles tend to get a little build crazy.
I suppose part of it too is that I don’t feel as much pressure playing John Wick since so many people appreciate this skin.
Haters gonna hate. There is no shortage of people trying to kill Aura.
I didn’t really notice how much time passed. This happens to me when I start bingeing on video games.
Max looks happy with this win. I have to admit, I was too, because I nearly hit my prestige mission elimination count.
I won a lot of games by basically building a giant fort & rallying everyone to it.
Fish Wick wins! I call him Fish Wick because this is the Fishstick skin with John Wick’s back bling. I won this duo with Max. We had to sneak through some cornfields but I had said I hoped it came down to us versus one guy & it did fortunately. Two duos fought it out at the edge of the storm only one player emerged & we were there to ambush him. I had him in a panic with my snowball launcher & Max eliminated him with a shotgun.
Max & I won a couple duos as well as some team rumbles. This duo match went very well. I was knocked twice but it worked out in the end. I basically charged up on the last guy & got his attention while swinging my lightsaber around & destroying his base & while he focused on me, Max eliminated him with a shotgun. I actually did have another win but I was so exhausted from gameplay that I forgot to screenshot it. At that point I knew it was time to take a break.

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