A Fortnite Christmas

The EXP bonus was back & it actually stayed awhile this time.
I was AFK most of the day doing things IRL & honestly taking a nap. Then when I got in I found that Max had bought the same guitar emote I had & we both started to jam. Ken joined us too.
I met up late in the evening with Max & we did a zone wars FFA. Max won, I sucked, but it was a good warm-up for me & led to some great wins later in the night.
I won this squad battle with a random pickup member. I added them to friends after they sent a request. During the game they ran to where I was because they had been with two others who were eliminated early on. When they saw I was sneaking around, they mimicked my movements & I led them to victory. I knocked the first guy & they eliminated the last.
I am getting closer to finishing these prestige challenges.
I like the Yule Trooper so much. Max gave me this skin. The only drawback is everyone likes to shoot at him! One game it was hilarious I was in the storm and multiple enemies wearing Yule Troopers came after me.
I can’t say enough about this guitar emote. It’s fantastic. Even so, I know eventually the tune will get stuck in my head & I’ll have to shelf it for awhile.
I have a lot of V-Bucks now & I want some new skins. I almost bought an elf skin but decided not to. I really like this Crystal skin but I feel like I’ve overused it. The guitar emote helps! As soon as I see something I want, I’m going to get it.
My team & I did pretty well this rumble. The trick for me is to grab as many shield potions as possible. Lightsabers help tremendously too.
I saw Jay was on so I joined his rumble but he glitched out & disconnected. I went on to get 10 eliminations in a row without dying & of course we won the rumble.

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