Fortnite 12-19-19

Pickup squad. It was supposed to be four people & ended up being three. The first person disconnected almost immediately & then Jay_Chyna disconnected shortly after. This left me versus 96 other players. I got 2nd.
Max & I had a great duo win here. It was a really fun match. We ran around the map a bit, stopping a few places after Max picked the drop. Then we waited until there were just three squads left, including us. It was awesome when the two other squads started fighting because we were close by & then simply ambushed them for the win.
This was a terrific win with Pepperoni. We lucked out & got a couple of guys who were grouped together already & even though one of them died, I managed to reboot them & we went on to get the win.
This seems to be normal for me. I end up fighting an entire squad myself! Although, I am the one doing random pickup squads! Although, with how well I do, I do end up with great stats.
Pushing towards 300!
Just about there.

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