Fortnite 12-17-2019

I hit 295 today. If I complete some of these prestige goals I’ll definitely get to level 300. Of course, they extended this season & are adding more challenges soon.
The servers were reacting very poorly today. I had a lot of 2nd and 3rd place finishes today. We had a lot of 2nd place squad finishes too. The only win I got today was a duo with Max. Getting anywhere in this game today was like pulling teeth. Hopefully tomorrow is better. They are planning a patch & I hope that fixes at least some of the problems.

I spent most of the day mentoring Boy, who was off from school because of a snow day. It was a bit stressful because he’s young & impatient & wants to shoot at everyone he sees. Anyway, I’m thinking about making a second account to use to stream with & maybe that’s what I’ll do, use my second account to group with people I’m helping as to not ruin my own stats. Also, putting it on my PS4 will allow me to stream without taxing the resources on my main computer. I can just join with my second account & use it to watch my main account. I’ll think on that more & see what I come up with.

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